2017 / 2018

The Parent Council is made up of all parents and guardians of Brown students. The Executive of the Parent Council acts as a representative for parents and liaises with the school administration on a regular basis.



There are approximately 20 other members at large in addition to the executive of the Parent Council. The Executive meets on a monthly basis to keep informed regarding school activities initiated by both the school staff and the Parent Council. The Parent Council organizes and implements various programs, events and campaigns, many of which are outlined in the Fundraising and World Changers pages of the website.

The administration will often come to the Parent Council with requests for input and assistance in school activities. A great way to find out more about what is going on at the level of the school as well as at the TDSB is to attend a Parent Council meeting. The meetings are held monthly, alternating between morning meetings and evening meetings in the hopes that this will make it easier for parents to attend some meetings. All members (parents and guardians of Brown School students) are invited to attend, each month during the school year. These meetings will often include a speaker or will focus on a specific issue that is felt to be relevant to Parent Council members.

If you wish to learn more about Parent Council, or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact the Co-Chair or any of the Parent Council Committee Chairs listed below.


PositionNamePhone NumberEmail Address
PositionNamePhone NumberEmail Address
Co-ChairDimitra Kappos416-303-6421dkappos@sympatico.ca
Co-ChairRachel Silber647-339-6799rachelksilber@me.com
Vice ChairToni Wharton416-833-4795Toni.Wharton@millsandmills.ca
TreasurerCathy Steiner416-566-7870cathy.steiner@rogers.com
Communications Co-ChairJoanna Onoszko647-228-0173onoszko.joanna@gmail.com
Communications Co-ChairSandra Adams416-550-8962adams.oregan@gmail.com
Website AdministratorMonique Taylor416-944-3338monique@ccdesign.ca
Fall Fling ChairDarby Burger647-293-0974dburger@rogers.com
Garden Fete Co-ChairChad Thompson416-294-9657chad.rob.thompson@gmail.com
Lunch Program CoordinatorOPEN
Sign Me Up! ProgramsRachel Silber Grace McSorley647-339-6799 647-463-0199rachelksilber@me.com grace.mcsorley@gmail.com
Staff / Parent Appreciation ChairKimberly Foellkdfoell@gmail.com
Friday Lunch! ProgramLily Chow416-809-5985lchow23@hotmail.com
World ChangersTBD
Traffic SafetyOPEN
Volunteer CoordinatorStefanie Mather416-606-7833stefmather@sympatico.ca
Eco Club ChairOPEN
Kiss & Ride CoordinatorConnie Wansbrough416-708-9265conniewansbrough@gmail.com
ApparelJoanna Track Jessica Seed416-451-2165 416-859-7544jt@goodeggsandco.com jessica.seed@gmail.com
QSPLily Chow 416-809-5985lchow23@hotmail.com
Giving TreeL. Chih-Nisbett416-716-6253lorrie_chih@hotmail.com
Community GardenAviva Wittenberg416-666-8216aviva@awittenberg.com
Speaker SeriesMarta Guzik 416-828-6238 guzik.martab@gmail.com
Buddy System ChairRosemary Hannam647-200-0193Rosemary.Hannam@rotman.utoronto.ca
Voting MembersS. Mather
N. Brownstein
L. Chih-Nisbett
D. Burger
C. Ruby
L. Chow
A. Wittenberg
416-606-7833 416-409-7522 416-716-6253 647-293-0974 416-809-5985 416-666-8216stefmather@sympatico.ca norman.brownstein@rogers.com lorrie_chih@hotmail.com dburger@rogers.com lchow23@hotmail.com aviva@awittenberg.com
Health and SafetyLaura Tamblyn
Kindergarten RepBlair Trudellebtrudell@tblcounsel.com
Social Events ChairTBD
Grade 6 Graduation ChairLaura Chornyenko416-999-9225laubr@rogers.com
Lori RosenbergSecretary416-435-1770lori.orangeslide@gmail.com