The World Changers Committee works at developing a greater awareness in Brown students of the needs of both the local and global communities. Parents act as guides and logistics coordinators to Grade 3 to 6 student volunteers who organize food, clothing, and book drives that support local schools and organizations. The Committee also helps to teach the larger school population about global children’s issues and organizes a variety of fundraising and education events to further this understanding.

Brown School’s World Changers Committee was honoured by the Free the Children organization in 2012 to win the “Big Dreamer’s Award” for its fund and awareness raising. The Brown students were recognized for their efforts relating to the freeing of children from poverty and exploitation around the world. The club was specifically identified for its campaign’s self-sufficiency, creativity, impact, and dollars donated. The organization’s award matched the amount of the cheque that Brown forwarded to the cause – a real testament to the energy, focus, and dedication by the kids to its outreach programs!