At the elementary level, the curriculum is focused on building a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy to help students succeed in school and in life. The elementary curriculum comprises the following areas: the arts, french as a second language, health and physical education, language, mathematics, native languages and social studies. For more information on curriculum, please visit the TDSB website.

Aside from their regular classroom studies, students at Brown go to the Library once a week, Swim once a week, have a Music class once a week and have Phys-Ed twice per week. For all extra curricular sports, please visit our Athletics section.

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The mission of Brown Schools’ Physical Educators is to provide quality, daily physical activity for our student population. In most cases, the PE program is based upon the goals and expectations outlined by the Ontario Curriculum document and is supplemented by the research done by the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA). In the primary grades, our students are taught the basic skills of running, jumping and throwing which provide the basis for all of the physical activities that they will encounter in their lifetimes. In the junior grades, the students focus on the finer points of each physical activity and/or sports learning each sport area through a skill based approach.

Students also gain an understanding of health and physical fitness based on both classroom and practical activities. Each child participates in a variety of physically challenging activities that helps develop the working capacity of their hearts, lungs and muscles and outlines their need to make physical activity an integral part of their daily routines. Students are also taught to understand how their bodies function and how a healthy lifestyle helps them maintain healthy minds and bodies.

Physical Education is a participatory subject, therefore, students are expected to be properly attired and prepared for each period and need to take part in all activities unless contraindicated by health concerns. Students who are suffering from illness/injury should send a note to school indicating that the nature and duration of the problem.



Brown offers an outstanding music program to all students in JK to Grade 6. The music department is led by Ms. Turner, a University of Toronto graduate. Ms. Turner completed a Master’s degree in vocal performance, in addition to studying vocal pedagogy and choral conducting. Ms. Turner has completed Orff training at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

The Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum is eclectic. It embraces several philosophies, including the principles of Orff Schulwek and the Kodaly approach to reading rhythm and melody. Nursery rhymes, folk songs, and traditional children’s games and dances form an integral part of the repertoire selected. Grade 4-6 students are learning to play the recorder.  We start with simple three note songs and advance until we are able to play three part pieces by Grade six.

Please visit this website for information on Ms Turner’s classes and to view recorder charts, videos and more to help with your practicing!




Each child from JK-Grade 6 receives swim instruction once per week. JK / SK receive 30 minutes, Grades 1 to 6 receive 45 minutes. The aquatic curriculum has been designed for a multi-level class which allows our students the ability to develop at their own pace. A primary buoy line marks the shallow part of the pool for safety.

The evaluation of a student’s ability to swim in the deep-end is an ongoing process. There are no test days. We hope your child will enjoy the extraordinary opportunity to swim each week at school.



The library is the hub of the school with an extensive collection of French and English books and a computer lab. All students visit the library at least once a week with their class. Students in grades 1 to 6 are encouraged to take out books each week and return them at their weekly visit for new ones. Students who lose a book need to pay a replacement fee of $10 for a paperback and $20 for a hardcover.

If you can spare a morning or an afternoon each week or are available to start and finish a project (e.g. organizing shelves, labeling books), please contact our librarian Marie-France Gagnon by leaving a note in the office mailbox.

Our Brown School Virtual Library is open 24/7 from school or home with digital resources and tools to assist students and teachers in their work. Navigate to DIGITAL RESOURCE pages using the side navigation bar or icons on the home page. You will need to use LOGIN/PASSWORD information when outside of the school. Passwords can be received from Mme Gagnon. To visit Brown School ‘s Virtual Library please click here.


PrincipalAndrea GoldfarbOffice
Vice-PrincipalChristine PouliotOffice
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English Classrooms
Junior KindergartenSandra Ferraioli, Kyla McWatersRoom 14
Junior KindergartenRachel FournierRoom 11
Junior Kindergarten / Senior KindergartenCheryl Kam, Ramona MustafaRoom 9
Junior Kindergarten / Senior KindergartenJane Demos, Julie-Ann CaninoRoom 12
Grade 1Geetha PadasseryRoom 10
Grade 1 / 2Carrie NadlerRoom 22
Grade 1 / 2Sarit LindenbaumRoom 24
Grade 2 / 3Leslie HazanRoom 28
Grade 2 / 3Nick BirnieRoom 23
Grade 3Genevieve MerendaRoom 41
Grade 3 / 4Na'Ana PulverRoom 39
Grade 4Anna FoordRoom 40
Grade 5 / 6Elisa SeverinoRoom 34
Grade 5 / 6Chris MacdonaldRoom 30

French Classrooms
Senior KindergartenSilvia Oliviera, Mariama BenseddikRoom 15
Senior KindergartenKarrie HuiRoom 13
Grade 1Sara WeizmanRoom 26
Grade 1 / 2Alexandra GazzarusoRoom 20
Grade 1 / 2Sirene QuachRoom 21
Grade 2 / 3Manuala CosarbaRoom 25
Grade 2 / 3George Ab D El SyedRoom 33
Grade 3 / 4Daniel ParéRoom 37
Grade 4 / 5Michele BreslinRoom 36
Grade 5 / 6Michelle ClouthierRoom 32
Grade 5 / 6Daphne BerkyRoom 38

ESL (English as a Second Language)Sabrina Barmak, Alison FoxRoom 16
Home School ProgramAngie CosentinoRoom 31
Core English / DramaClaire HollandRoom 16
LibraryMarie-France GagnonLibrary
MusicTanya TurnerRoom 29
Physical & Health EducationPaul Profiti, Dino StamatopoulosGymnasium
PoolVictor DaigneauPool
Resource (French & English)Arianna SileckyRoom 31

Support Staff
EAJoan Orleck
SNAEliane Snels, Lynda Takieddin
Social WorkerLynn Adirim
PsychologistShannon Stewart
Speech LanguageLianna Levinson

Chief CustodianPeter WilkinsonCustodian Office
CustodiansDwayne, Mark, RicardoCustodian Office