Established in 1910, Brown School has continued to provide outstanding support for our students and community. mrcabbrown The school was named after Charles Albert Beaumont Brown, a veteran member of the Toronto Board of Education from 1882-1920.

Over 70 000 students have passed through the doors of the school during these ten decades. We pride ourselves on strong academic achievement founded on our relationships with our families through Daycare as well as Parks and Recreation. Our staff committment includes considerable involvement in an extraordinary number of extra-curricular activities.

Some Turning Points in Brown’s History:

  • 1916 – Home and School established
  • 1917 – Annual Garden Fete established
  • 1941 – French and Latin offered as optional subjects
  • 1941 – Housing evacuees from the United Kingdom
  • 1946 – After School Program begins
  • 1972 – French Immersion Program begins
  • 1975 – The new school opens
  • 1975 – Partnership with Parks and Recreation – the school is open 363 days per year


Presently, Brown has an enrolment of approximately 600 students and continues to offer French Immersion beginning at Senior Kindergarten as well as English from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. Our programmes provide a well-rounded, well balanced curriculum. Likewise, our goal is to cultivate excellent work habits with a foundation in the basic skills, to prepare our students for future choices and challenges. We are committed to the values of the Toronto District School Board. Its mission Is to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.

We value:

  • each and every student
  • a strong public education system
  • a partnership of students, schools, family, and community
  • the uniqueness and diversity of our students and community
  • the commitment and skills of our staff
  • equity, innovation, accountability, and accessability
  • learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful